FO: Knitted Blanket and Yarn Stash Update

I have exciting news! I have used up all of my yarn stash!!!!!!!!!!!! With three whole months to spare. I’m pretty proud of myself and how hard I have worked to finish my knitting.

This past week, I finished the knitted blanket.


Leaving being a small ball of extra yarn, which I, of course, crocheted into a granny square.

I have included the pattern for the blanket at the end of this post. It was very easy and quick to knit. The only major issue I ran into was while blocking. I apparently had a very different gauge for my decreasing  rows in comparison to my increase rows.

I solved the issue by extensively blocking. Since my mystery yarn is acrylic, I steam blocked it using my iron. It worked very well. I can still tell that one side was knitted tighter than the other, but I don’t think anyone but an experienced knitter would be able to tell by looking at it.


I really like the look of the blanket. The variegation in the yarn caused a cool striping pattern with some pooling.


Materials: 2 skeins worsted weight yarn, size 7 circular needles. Finished measurements for my blanket are 28in x 29in.



CO 5 stitches

Row 1: K

Row 2: K3, YO, K2

Row 3: K3, YO, K3

Row 4: K3, YO, K

Row 5: K3, YO, Purl across, K3

Repeat Rows 4 and 5 until there are 147 stitches on the needles.

Row 1: K2, K2tog, YO, K2tog, K

Row 2: K2, K2tog, YO, P2tog, Purl across, K3

Repeat Rows 1 and 2 until 5 stitches are left. Cast off. Weave in ends.


Update on WIPs

I haven’t quite managed to finish anything this week. But I am almost done with a few projects.

The first is a storage box using the off-white broadcloth from my stash. All I need to do is to bind the top edge. I have been having trouble stitching the binding with a machine because of the cardboard stabilizing the sides of the box. I think I will have to do it by hand.


I am also almost done with the knitted blanket (and my yarn stash). There are only about 50 decrease rows left! The skein still looks full in the picture but that’s because I’m pulling from the center.

Finally, I have been great remiss in that I have failed to post about the yarn that BonnyKnits sent me following her giveaway 2? ish months ago.

The yarn is three skein of sport weight, US Organic Cotton by Appalachian Baby Design. These colors are cream/natural, doe, and indigo. The colors are gorgeous and the yarn is far softer than I usually think of cotton as being. I’m excited to try out the yarn. I don’t have much experience with cotton. Even though I have been knitting for almost 20 years, I only recently branched out from acrylics .

I am thinking of making washcloths. The colors that I was sent conveniently match my kitchen. I’m looking at the spa day facecloth, basketweave washcloth, touch of the sea washcloth, or snowbank spa cloth. Or maybe I’ll save it until the perfect project comes along. Like the vacation yarn that I talked about last week, this yarn is not being included in the 2018 stash busting efforts.

Vacation Blog

I don’t have any crafting to share with you this week because I have been on vacation in Hawaii!

We were lucky and Hurricane Lane missed us entirely. Honolulu has great weather while the other islands were flooding. The first couple of days we didn’t go out and do much, pretty much everywhere was closed (because imminent hurricane), but we were still able to enjoy the pleasant weather.

Once the hurricane threat passed we got outside and did all kinds of touristy things.

We went to the beach
And watched some hula dancing

And hiked up Diamond Head for some amazing views

The food was amazing!

We also went to the Honolulu Zoo, where I neglected to take any photos. It’s an impressively large zoo for being on a small island.

And everyone’s burning question. Did I cave and buy yarn even though I said I wasn’t going to until I used all the yarn I currently have? Yes, I did.

I went out hunting to see if I could find some locally dyed yarn. According to the people at the local yarn shops, there are local dyers but they work in very small batches and sell out of their homes.

What I did find, at a local shops called Yarn Story, was this beauty.

It’s a fingerling weight superwash merino and nylon blend in the colorway Colibri. It’s so pretty and soft! I’m thinking socks or a shawl. Once I finish all the yarn in my 2018 stash busting efforts of course.

So Many Granny Squares…


Guess what! Guess what! Guess what!

I finished using all the yarn that I had earmarked for granny squares!!!!! All of it! Once I finish the blanket that I am knitting, I will have used up all of my yarn stash, and there are still multiple months left in the year!

Unblocked Granny Squares
All the Granny Squares

I currently have 58 granny squares blocked with ends woven in. They are ready to be crocheted together. I also have another 45 granny squares that still need their ends woven in and need to be blocked. After a little math, I have a total of 103 granny squares made. I was originally aiming for 132 to make a twin sized blanket. With as excited as I am to finish this project, I think that I might make a slightly smaller blanket and have a few granny squares left over. I don’t really want to buy more yarn for this blanket, besides that black that I am going to use as a border.

What do all of you think?

FO: Quilted Petticoat

I finally finished the quilted doll petticoat! The whole thing was done by hand, and ended up in the naughty projects bin for a long time. I have previously toyed with the idea of make a full sized quilt by hand. LOL. No. Apparently, I find hand quilting extremely tedious, and don’t enjoy it. The quilted petticoat is that last item that I had to make from the Revolutionary War Era Past Craft Doll Dress Patterns. The rest of the items can be found at the following links: Doll Dress, FO: Green Doll Dress.


The construction of the quilted petticoat is exactly the same as the regular petticoat from the pattern packet, except that it is quilted and therefore much bulkier (and has a bound hem). It might be too bulky for a doll.  Seriously, it stands up on its own.


I quilted one side of the petticoat with white thread and the other with green side to experiment with the visibility of the stitching. While the white side is more historically accurate (from what I have seen), I like the side with green thread better. It looks pretty.

If I were to make this again I would likely end the batting further below the waist pleats. Pleating this petticoat was difficult due to the bulk, and I don’t think it sits quite right.

I enjoyed making these patterns and the instructions were generally easy to follow. I think my next step is to start making historical clothing for myself (one I finish the billion other projects that I have to make… and use up my fabric stash).

Update 3: Yarn Stash


The above pictures are of the entirety of my yarn stash as it was at the start of the year. And, the below picture is my yarn stash now.


I have made so much progress. I am sure that I will finish using all the yarn by the end of the year, probably much sooner than that!

Yarn left to use:

  • Large bright purple variegated ball – to be used for granny squares
  • White ball 1 – to be used for granny squares
  • Large light blue ball – to be used for granny squares
  • Remains of the purple ball –  to be used for granny squares
  • Remains of the red skein – to be used for granny squares
  • Purple/grey variegated skein – to be used for a knitted blanket
  • Purple/grey variegated ball – to be used for a knitted blanket
  • Small purple/grey variegated ball – to be used for a knitted blanket

Finished yarn:

  • Pink baby yarn skein and part of the grey ball were used for baby hats
  • Pink variegated and teal variegated yarn were used for slippers.
  • The black ball, medium bright purple variegated ball, small bright purple variegated ball, tiny bright purple variegated ball, four white balls, grey ball, 2 small light blue balls, two yellow balls, and red ball were all used for granny squares.
  • The white variegated ball has been thrown away because I loathe working with that yarn.
  • The peach skein and most of the dark purple ball were used to make a crocheted market bag.
  • Most of the red skein was used to make a sock (post 1post 2).


I have no finished objects for you this week. I have frequently have difficulty focusing on one project. So these are the current projects that I am  working on.

Flour Sack Towels

One of my favorite gifts I have ever been given is a set of handmade cotton flour sack towels from my sister-in-law. They are starting to wear out. I also dislike the large size of most commercially available flour sack towels. I am using some of my white cotton to make several sets of flour sack towels to embroider and give as Christmas presents, since I love the ones that I was given so much. They are taking forever to make. Because I am giving them as gifts, I am spending more time than I usually would making sure that the hems are straight.


Granny Squares

I am still working on making granny square to use up stash yarn when there is not enough left for other projects. I am nearly up to 100 squares and the blanket size that I am aiming for requires 130, so I am almost there.


Quilted Doll Petticoat

This project has been nearly done for a couple of months now, and I stopped working on it in favor of new, shiny projects. I am making an 18th century style hand quilted petticoat to go with the doll dresses that I made earlier this year. I have quilted one side with green threat to match the green doll dress and the other side in white to be more historically accurate and to have the option of being used under other dresses. All I have to do is finish quilting, sew the side seams, and bind the top and bottom. Is no more than a few hours of work. I just haven’t done it.


Knitted Blanket

In my yarn stash, I found almost two full skeins of matching yarn. This is allowing me to make a much larger project than my other stash yarn. I am making a simple knitted blanket that will probably be given as a Christmas present this year.


I think I need to set myself a goal of finishing a work in progress before I start any new projects. And yes, I start thinking about Christmas, and working on making presents absurdly early. I think I was done before Black Friday last year. I would kind of like to do the same this year if possible. It made the holiday season very relaxing.