FO: Knitting Project Bag

I need a zipper foot. I can’t believe I don’t own a zipper foot, which I suppose is why I don’t own a zipper foot. Seriously I have an internal monologue about it every time I buy a zipper, and I never buy the damn zipper foot.

“Ugh I hate sewing zippers” – Because you do it the hard way

“Why? They’re super easy, just use your zipper foot” – You don’t have one

“Do I own a zipper foot?” – No

“I must have one. How else would I know how to use one?” – You’ve used your mom’s

“I’ll just use the one I have at home” – No you won’t

Someday I will remember to buy one…maybe.


This week, I sewed a project bag for knitting and it turned out really well (except for the zipper).


My apologies for the poor pictures, I have not had good natural light this week. I’ll try to post better pictures on Instagram today.

I had some difficulty trying to sew through the cord while sewing the side seam. I decided to reinforce it by hand since I suspect that my machine was skipping stitches. I also like the built in divider to keep multiple skeins from tangling.

I guess this means that I need to buy some yarn so that I can cast on a new project and try out the bag@

I have also been working hard on sewing and knitting Christmas projects.  6-ish weeks left to finish projects!


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